How It Works

1. We Find the Properties

Our experienced team looks for the perfect  properties. JPC uses a formula that allows us to examine every deal with precision. We choose the ones with the highest potential for return on investment.

2. You Pick Where Your Money is Invested

From our list of options, you get to pick where you want your money to grow. JPC provides you with options. Invest in one, two or several deals. You're in control.

3. You Invest With Us

When you invest with JPC, we keep you in informed. Upon request, we provide you with pictures, videos, and updates on the properties and their progress. See what your investment is creating. 

4. We Increase the Value

The JPC team specializes in increasing value. Our team looks at the current trends, popular features, and visuals that effectively add value to the property. This makes our properties more desirable, which allows us to sell them at the highest possible price. 

5. We Pay You 

You get to choose how you get paid. We have multiple options for you, including guaranteed monthly payments. Our investors get to choose the opportunity that works best for them. 

6. Exit or Reinvest

As part of the JPC team, you get priority in our newest deals. You can invest in new deals simultaneously with active ones to diversify and multiply your growth; you can roll your active one into another opportunity; or, you can exit. JPC provides you with options throughout your investment journey.

JParker Capital v.s Other Investment Options

Certificate Deposit (CD)

Same length of time as JPC.

Small annualized return. 

Annualized Return



Length of Investment


6 Months


$50,000 Investment =